Friday, 30 March 2012


I haven't seen the kingfisher on the river for a couple of months now - in fact, since the cold weather,   hope they have survived the winter - but I did finish my piece of work. This is the finished piece (but not the one I submitted for lay members day)

It has been through a few changes! I think this is the second time I washed all the lettering off!

I made a grid for the lettering so I wouldn't have the problem of erasing guide lines without removing the pastel I had applied to soften the background and I had the original layout just above my lettering while I worked on it

this is where I put my work to stop the cats and dog from walking or sitting on it - I spend a lot of time looking and thinking - I probably should have stopped at this stage!

This is the stage where I was having trouble getting the blue writing to show up so I tried a darker background - that was soon covered up...and all the red lettering was washed off too

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