Friday, 11 May 2012

Watercolour and Pencil

I'm continuing with something I started during a workshop with Lin Kerr - I started looking at some letterforms base on a regular rectangle which I then filled with the new watercolours from Lay Members Day. I'm finding the continuous rain quite useful as I get out early to walk the dog usually making it before it starts to rain and then the rest of the day I am happy to work inside while it pours outside!

These were the first experiments.

Then I took a very short poem by Kathleen Raine and worked on it in watercolour first - decided that the colours were not quite working together and started to work over the top of the watercolour with watercolour pencils used dry.
This is only partly finished on as I work my way down the page.

I'm thinking a lot about numbers these days having spent some time on a large commission recently (details of which will be posted later!)

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