Tuesday, 26 December 2017

CLAS Festival of Calligraphy 2016

In 2016 I co-directed our second CLAS festival 2016 at Leeds with Andi Bennett. (the beautiful lettering above was done by Judith Porch in David Harris's workshop)

Our accommodation was excellent being pretty new and all in the same block. We had an eventful start with very tired delegates after a long drive in the rain and less than competent organisation from the events management team of the university which meant we got off to a difficult start.

Once again we invited suppliers to come to the start of the festival and many delegates took advantage of this either ordering their materials in advance for collection on the day or to pick up a few extra items.

However, our workshops got off to an excellent start with our brilliant and professional team of tutors  of Georgia Angelopoulos, Loredana Zega, David Harris, Joy Daniels, Penny Price and Marlene Gray who were complimented on the quality of their workshops in our feedback forms and we all saw the results of this work in our second show and tell session at the end of the week.

  Georgia Angelopoulos's examples were all laid out at the end of the room and frequently referred to!

student work from Georgia's first session

 student's work from Loredana Zega's workshop

pointed uncials from Joy Daniel's workshop

some beautiful botanical illustration from Penny Price's workshops
All the A2 board sized bags, with Loredana’s brush lettering, were sold and make a fantastic and useful reminder of the week. Below is my initial visualisation.

We had several excellent talks in the evenings with our tutors happily sharing their experiences and in-depth knowledge of their subject. Loredana surprised us with a very personal performance including dance and lettering with a slideshow accompaniment.

Our gala dinner was a lovely way to say thank you and farewell to everyone. We had a fantastic display of place names which were made to take home by the recipients – most of whom never found out who had made theirs – though one or two people did fall for our joke and wrote out a card for Ms. Ann Letterer!!

this was my contribution! (above)

We continue to build on our experience of running the festival and have made a few changes such as the show and tell and having the suppliers available at the beginning.

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