Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Botanical Painting

I rather wish in another life I had studied botanical illustration - I guess it's not too late and I may yet find a way. The first time I used plant illustration with calligraphy was in 1999 for my CLAS Intermediate Diploma. 

This is the original piece photographed through the glass frame and I have a nasty feeling it has faded a bit - so a lesson in being very careful with pink paints.

A detail of the hellebore, done from life, using watercolour paints and now 13 years old (where does the time go?)

and here it is as I used it on my first website which is why it has the 'watermark' through it - now I may have worked on it a bit in Photoshop - the leaves are still a very similar colour but the petals were much brighter then.

This is the illustration from a commission I finished last night ....may just adjust the leaf furthest right - it looks a bit too blue....I started working on this from life but had to rely on photographs, which I had on the iPad and was able to stand up next to my work, to finish it. 

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