Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas cards again!

Doesn't Christmas come around quickly?
This year I was clear about what I wanted to do for a card and that was to use one of the photographs I took in Finland last year - I just needed some words to go with it.

This is the photo I used in the end, it just needed a bit of cropping. It was taken the day the sun first appeared over the horizon after the winter in mid January 2013 near Luosto Finland. We didn't see the sun but we did see it shining on the top of the hill opposite!

I had thought about using this picturesque cabin situated next to the amethyst mine but it was a very dull day that we were there.

I couldn't resist using this picture of us in the reindeer sleigh but it is only inside the card.

The production line - adding the red pearl dots...

I found the quote by JB Priestley online, wrote it with a pointed pen and scanned it into photoshop where it was cleaned up and moved about a bit, curves adjusted then overlaid with white to show up on the snow background. Then came the fiddly bit of getting it to print the right size so it would fit squarely in the right hand third of the thin ivory card I was using to print it on.

folding in the right place using masking tape corners and pencil mark - fold one...

fold two...

the finished card!

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