Friday, 31 October 2014

little book commission and a birthday card

A design for a friends birthday card, looking at positive and negative space and shapes within a freely drawn border. The black areas are cut out of thick white paper and some beautiful black tissue paper with silver flecks in it, that I bought a few years ago in Paris, is stuck behind. Some quick touches in gold gouache on the top to finish.

This is the finished book that I produced for a paper wedding anniversary present. The ivy is stencilled with soft chalky pastels brushed through. I cut the stencils out of acetate using a plotter cutter. One for the outside shape and another for the darker centres. I had to master an aspect of Adobe Illustrator first to get the outline shape from the original photograph in Photoshop. Not sure I can remember now exactly how I did it!

The lettering is done with a sharp Wolfs Carbon pencil and the paper is BFK Rives which is very hard to make corrections on - so I think the final version is at least the third one I did!
The words are from the song 'Just a little person' from the film Synedoche New York (2008) which was played during the couple's wedding and suited an informal lettering style which dances a little. The ivy is a reminder of the decoration at the reception.

I made a little slip-case too - to keep it in.

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