Sunday, 15 March 2015

CLAS Study Day at Winchester Cathedral

I just loved seeing the heraldry in Winchester Cathedral at the CLAS study day last September. Here are a few examples that I will refer to for inspiration in the future

a different way of doing mantling - different colours for husband and wife I assume

love the oak leaves in this design and the one below

This was helpful for the mitre design on my Lincoln college commission.

Oh dear I wish I had written down who worked on this beautiful memorial book! - could it be Grailly Hewitt?

Of course we were really here for the Bible and that was brilliant of course - we had an hour of private access to the exhibition and a really interesting talk from Jo Bartholomew curator of manuscripts, who told us that it had been commissioned by Henry du Blois (grandson of William the Conqueror), Bishop at Winchester and completed between 1150 and 1171 when Henry died. The Winchester Bible is very important in enabling us to know how these great works were produced because it was never finished and that allows us to see the order the work was done on each page. 

It is made up of 496 folios - that is more than 900 pages which would have needed skins from 250 calves to provide the vellum for its large pages.

One of the saddest facts, in my opinion, was to hear that a whole page, known as the Morgan Leaf was removed from the bible as late as 1820 and sold in 1912. It is now in the US.

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